VR Week


From the 14th to the 17th December, the ID College together with Emansion, DutchVR, and the Young Professionals, organised a Virtual Reality week for the students.

On the first day (14th), in the morning, the students had a lecture about Virtual Reality: An introduction, a look through the history of VR, and its market today.


In the afternoon we worked closely with the students, developing ideas, and planning for the assignment the class would have to complete the next two days. We asked them to think openly and with no restrictions.

To achieve this goal, we used brainstorming techniques, in a rotating group system, while the students were attending other workshops on Corporate Identity, and software they would use in the next few days.

The students worked hard on the next two days, and on Thursday (the 17th) they presented their efforts: creating a design for VR glasses, an app, and content.


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